Monte Lussari

The easternmost peaks of the Alps have been the natural border between the Latin, German and Slav worlds since time immemorial. Today, in a time of peace, they still speak the languages of these peoples and their valleys are places of friendship and cooperation. Attracting pilgrimsfrom three lands, the shrine of Monte Lussari, in the northeastern corner of Italy, is truly European and a symbol of this peaceful coexistence.

According to ancient folklore, the sanctuary has its origins in 1360following a series of miraculous events: a shepherd found sheep from his flock kneeling around a bush. With amazement, he realised that a statuette of the Virgin and Child was at the centre of the bush. The shepherd gave it to the priest of Camporosso, but the following morning, the statue was found on Lussari with the kneeling sheep surrounding it again. The event repeated itself a third time. Having been informed, the Patriarch of Aquileia ordered that a chapel be built on the spot.

There is no trace left of the original chapel; the current building is the result of the restoration and extension of a 16th Century building.

The sanctuary is accessible by foot via the picturesque Sentiero del Pellegrino (Pilgrim’s Path) that winds through the forest of Tarvisio, or with the cable car from Camporosso. Mount Lussari is also famous among ski lovers for its exciting Di Prampero ski run

that offers one of themost exciting descents in the region, while the Sentiero del Pellegrino is highly appreciated by trekking lovers. Ogni anno a marzo si svolge sulla pista il Lussarissimo: gara che allo sci alpino (slalom gigante parallelo più lungo del mondo) abbina anche le ciaspole (Ciaspolissima) e lo scialpinismo, con la gara vertical notturna Down Up.